New Google Analytics Interface


New Google Analytics Interface ...

Google have released a new interface for their Analytics tool which it aims to be "easier and faster to get to the data you want and to enhance the Google Analytics platform to bring you major new functionality".

The new interface will be rolling out over the next 6 weeks, with selected users being given the choice to switch between the "old" and "new" versions. At some stage after this period, it is planned that everyone will have been given access to the new version and Google can plan to remove access to the old version.

google analytics new version

There are plenty of new features. We've highlighted the main ones below, but further to this, Equi=Media are producing a training document that we will share; to help users navigate the new interface and functionality.

If you have immediate problems finding a particular report, Google have produced a "report finder" tool to help. It's a mock up of the "old" version of the interface where you simply navigate to the report you want and it gives you instructions of how to find the report in the new version. Very useful.

We're feeding back our initial thoughts to Google. There are certainly some things that need more work, but that is why it has been made available as a beta. Google will be working hard over the next month or so to iron out bugs and to make any further improvements they can, before it rolls out fully.


- Reports are grouped and named more intuitively - e.g. "organic" instead of "non-paid"
- Navigation should be quicker and easier - once you're used to the changes!
- Multiple Dashboards - where you can now edit the format and names of your widgets

google analytics new left hand navigation

- A search box should make it easier to find the right accounts and pro/wp-content/uploads/files - although we're still getting used to this!

- It's now simple to view and change settings within a pro/wp-content/uploads/file

google analytics new main navigation

- The look and feel of reports is very similar, but should be faster
- Custom Reports are easier to create and manage - they've got their own tab
- Events are available to use as “goals”
- "Term cloud" reports are available in the Keyword & referrals reports

google analytics new term cloud

Overall these new features seem to be adding yet more value to the tool. The paid for analytics solutions must surely be looking over their shoulder…..



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