New Google Search Options


New Google Search Options ...

The latest update from Google includes a collection of tools which, using semantic search technology, give the searcher more ability to /wp-content/uploads/filter their results.  Options include /wp-content/uploads/filtering by time and type, displaying results on a timeline and viewing related searches. Some of this functionality has been available previously, but even this is now displayed in a different way:

On the initial search results page you can now "show options"…..

google search options

Once this is clicked the following left hand /wp-content/uploads/filters appear…..

google search options /wp-content/uploads/filters

This is an incredibly powerful way for people to refine the way they use Google to search. There are obvious ways that search marketers can use tools such as the wonder wheel to add an extra dimension to keyword research, but the significant change will be in the way the user interacts with the results page. It is a further stride towards personalised search results and means that both paid search tactics and SEO strategies will need to evolve accordingly.

It is an exciting time in Search Marketing and we are keenly brainstorming and testing the different ways that our Clients can benefit from this.

To see the official Google announcement visit the official Google blog.


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