No Tinned Tuna


No Tinned Tuna ...

If you’ve missed out on the thrilling recap of my first week on equimedia’s graduate programme, consider yourself up-to-date. Time has flown.

I’m now rounding off the end of my fourth week on the Ad Operations team, and the 94 hours of training I’ve accrued are a distant memory.

So what have I learnt since my first week at equimedia?

The most striking lesson was provided at 0845 on a Wednesday morning. I was interrogating our in-house Excel sensei (Ben P) on excel pro-tips, as one does at 0845 on a Wednesday. His summary [which he credits Tom, our Search Performance Group Head with], displays the equimedia approach to teaching and training others:

“We don’t give people fish. We give ‘em fishing rods”.

It seems that we’re not in the business of dishing out tinned tuna.

The terminology takes time to become conversant in. If a colleague says something to me and their sentence contains upwards of a 20% terminology density, I’ve got this awful blank expression resembling JD from Scrubs. It’s going to take some time to get used to.

What have I done since my first week?

94 hours of training couldn’t prepare me for the feeling of being lost as soon as I first logged in to the online platform I’ll be using on a daily basis. As soon as I clicked that magical ‘Log In’ button, I was faced with a wall of 193 active campaigns representing the online activities of our display advertisers. It’s a little overwhelming at times, mainly because there are naming conventions to get used to, strategies to put in place, processes to learn, terminology to interpret and bids to be placed.

Dog wearing a tie typing on a laptop

I’m not sure whose bright idea this was, but I’m being gradually let loose on live client campaigns.

“Let loose”, means I’m working under the watchful eye of our senior ad-ops connoisseur, Rashpal. He’ll vet the quality of my work before it goes live, suggest improvements and pass on tips and shortcuts for maximising performance. Not only is this double-authentication reassuring, it also ensures that our work is precise and helps to build knowledge. That’s how we roll in Ad Ops.

On a daily basis I am: uploading creative (the visual stuff you see when you’re served an online ad) to our ad serving platform; updating our proprietary reporting platform’s settings to ensure everything is picked up and reported on correctly and finally checking code on our clients’ sites to make sure that our campaigns can be measured from start to finish.

Many of the smaller tasks I’ve been given have (at first glance) appeared to be pretty basic. My own genius had judiciously assumed that a reporting task might take 30 minutes at most.

4 hours later, it was finished. I was mad. I learnt not to trust my own judgement until I’ve built up experience. It turns out that seemingly straightforward tasks are only simple after you’ve carried them out again and again; the first time you do something is the slowest and most important.

What have I got to look forward to next week?

I’ve been warned that my workload is going to keep rising as I gain familiarity with the tasks I’ve been given. The more hands-on experience I get, the faster I’ll be able to do things. I’m only scraping the surface of what we do in the AdOps team and over the next few weeks I’ll be adding new tasks and skills to my digital marketing repertoire.

I’ve also been given the opportunity to join in with the equimedia Innovations Group, a super-secret taskforce within the company who (after having swept the conference room for bugs) develop killer strategies, mull over cutting-edge ideas, discuss mission-critical industry issues and analyse bleeding-edge technologies.

The objectives of this super-secret group?

1. Taking over the world
2. Keeping our clients ahead of their competitors

Note: I’m not even allowed to talk about this group, so you didn’t hear it from me. In fact, you didn’t hear it altogether.

Next week has more of everything in store – responsibility, work and learning. Thank goodness I don’t mind fishing.


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