Online video extends the reach of TV campaigns


Online video extends the reach of TV campaigns ...

Video advertising is the fastest growing media channel of 2008 (IAB) with more and more brands harnessing the responsiveness it delivers. A recent study by found that use of online video in tandem with TV delivered increased broadcast reach - additional unique viewers that would not have been exposed to the TV ad. The research shows adults in broadband homes were underexposed to TV advertising compared to those in non broadband homes - highlighting an opportunity to reach a unique audience online.

This increased reach coupled with the responsiveness, and the increased impact and engagement that video delivers, makes this form of online advertising a very powerful medium. It is becoming more and more important for brand advertisers to include it in their media mix. Measuring the impact of video advertising on other digital channels (through attribution modeling) will be key for Agencies in order to deliver true line of site to Clients. You can find out more about how Equi=Media provide line of site measurement here.


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