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Our key take-outs from the IAB’s Real Time Advertising conference

Written by Charlotte | 25-Mar-2014 15:35:00

Last week, equimedia were at the British Museum to attend this year’s IAB conference on Real Time Advertising (RTA).

It was a jam packed day with sessions that covered topics such as ‘Programmatic and Brand Advertising’ and ‘RTA through the Customer Lifecycle’ and also included expert panelists who debated the subject of Brand Safety and Ad Viewability.

Here are our 5 key take-outs from the day that we wanted to share with you;

    1) If real time doesn’t improve relevance then it’s pointless

The main factor of real time advertising is relevance. Planners need to be equipped to take advantage of real-time insights and behaviours to inform future activity in order to make advertising work harder and deliver greater value for both consumers and advertisers.

    2) Being topical is not the same as being relevant

When we talk about being relevant we are referring to brand relevance and product relevance. What advertisers communicate must be relevant from both a brand and product perspective as saying relevant things is not the same as being relevant. An excellent example given was for KitKat and their ad-bike posters which were created in response to the world’s longest tennis match played at Wimbledon in 2010 where John Isner beat Nicholas Mahut 70 – 68. KitKat saw a tactical opportunity around this event which was perfectly suited to the KitKat brand, which is all about having a break.

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    3) Having a programmatic mix is healthy

Creating competition between varying Demand Side Platforms and technology platforms is healthy and can help maximise campaign reach. A lost impression equates to a missed opportunity to communicate with that user so having access to the 60 billion impressions that are traded programmatically in the UK is crucial.

    4) Programmatic video is complementary to TV

TV and Video can work together to drive incremental reach and an effective cost per reach point. The power of TV is shifting with consumers moving away from consuming TV in a linear fashion so we should be integrating across all screens and viewing the medium as one. Dual screens are critical to this and a digital display media plan should be up weighted towards mobile and tablet devices in conjunction with TV air time slots.

    5) Thinking about the past is key in preparing for the future

On April 3, 1988 the Los Angeles Times Magazine published a 25-year look ahead to 2013

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This was the focus of one of the Google and Neo@Ogilvy sessions at the IAB conference where we looked at which predictions within the article came true or close to being true;

    • Computer pen pals
    • Music and /wp-content/uploads/films are streamed to the home on demand
    • Many employees telecommute and even share co-working spaces outside of the main business district
    • Every child carries a “smart card” which is a “personal portable computer about the size of a 3x5 card which carries their educational history”
    • All cars are now “smart cars” that feature on-board computers to provide electronic maps, run diagnostics and control all of the cars’ system

There were some however that have yet to come true;

    • Robot maids to perform household chores
    • Robots to replace household pets
    • Companies stagger their working hours to ease the pressure on commuting and city services

The session then shifted to look at what could be prevalent in 2020. Some of the things put forward were life automation with automatic shopping purchases based on rules set, that all advertising will be ad served with 90% on connected media and that self-driving cars will be commonplace. What would your projections be for 2020? This is a question we have posed to our own Innovation team asking them to put on their futurologist hats and invent their own LA Times look ahead to future years so watch this space!

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