Our review of the YouTube Director app


Our review of the YouTube Director app ...

As the new execs to the company, it fell to Zoe, Rosie and myself to test out new video making apps in order to assess how easy it is for businesses to create their own promotional videos. We were tasked to create ‘apprentice style’ ads, selling anything we could find around the office. After creating three (surprisingly good) videos we concluded that the YouTube Director App was by far the best – both in terms of quality and ease of use.

Drawing on inspiration from our youth, we attempted to sell the office space in an MTV cribs style video, we then created an ad for office stationery filled with lots of stationery puns and finally a promotional video for the fresh fruit delivery we receive. From creating the three videos, using three different apps, we concluded that the YouTube Director app, which we used to make the fresh fruit delivery ad, was the easiest to use and created the most professional looking video. Our fruit delivery ad consisted of four clips, starting with an introduction to the business, with Rosie posing as MD. The next clip showed a close up of the fruit with a voiceover describing the benefits of the service. This was followed by an interview with two very happy employees, and finally the company name and contact numbers were shown with a voice over telling people to order a fruit delivery today. Once we had our ideas, scripts and had cast our actors very carefully, we completed the video in less than fifteen minutes. 

Anyone can be a YouTube Director

Youtube Director example

YouTube Director proved to be a very easy experience. It is user friendly with helpful steps guiding the user through the creation process. Firstly, the app asks you to choose a template which lays out a suggested sequence for your video. These templates are created according to what you want the video to promote, from customer testimonials through to an overview of the business as a whole. Alternatively, there is the option to choose the template based on which business is being advertised. Each template tells you how long it would take to create a video if following their specifications, with the longest taking between 40-60 minutes. Once the template has been chosen the app provides a ‘to do list’ of shots to include, and in which order. For example:

1. Introduce your founder by name and title.

2. Say the purpose of your app and what it does.

3. Your favourite thing about the app.

4. Pitch about what the app can do for the world.

5. A title card with your contact info on it.

Again each of these tells you how long each shot should be, with the main aim being to create an informative ad that is short enough to keep viewers engaged. This stage of the process also allows the creator to: add voiceovers over the top of the clip, edit the clips to make them shorter or cut out mistakes, and add in text which can be animated and altered to fit in with the brand being promoted. Once you have finished shooting you have the option to add music. YouTube Director offers over 100 free songs to choose from. They are categorised based on genre but the app also suggests a few that it feels would be most suitable for your video.

What we liked

  • All videos are in HD
  • The Price - it is free to download
  • Voice overs - these can be recorded first so that you know how long the video clip needs to be
  • Audio
    • Very clear audio
    • Over 100 free songs to choose from – no need to worry about licensing.
    • Ability to change the volume of the video audio separately to the music volume for each clip
      • i.e. if one clip consists of an employee interview you can increase the volume of this and decrease the music volume
      • You can also use this to match voiceover volume with actors speaking in other clips
    • Can choose which section of the music to play over the video
  • User friendly
    • Simple interface with step by step instructions
    • Useful help section for simple queries
  • Editing
    • Easy to edit the length of clips
  • Professional
    • Provides the most professional finish that we saw from all the apps we tested
    • Can only film in landscape which means there is continuity throughout the video
    • Can add text to every clip to ensure the company details are always viewable
  • YouTube Director Onsite
    • This is an alternative to creating a video yourself with the free app
    • This connects you with a trained filmmaker to help you write your film script over the phone and then visit your business to shoot and edit your video
    • They will then upload it to your YouTube channel and create one for you if you do not already have one
    • A Google consultant will then work with your company to help set up the campaign to best suit your specific goals
    • This process takes a few hours over the course of 2-3 weeks
    • This is free but with the agreement that you will spend at least £350 to advertise with your video on YouTube.

Things to consider

  • No custom templates
    • Whilst it is very helpful to have so many templates to choose from, there is no option to not have one, or to even create your own custom template
    • Choosing a template based on business type could mean that your video looks similar to competitors’ videos, if they too were using YouTube Director
      • However, they are not rigid; they are more like guidelines helping a company that is not confident in its video making abilities to create a professional promotional video. Therefore they do allow for creative freedom if, like us, you discover that you have a hidden genius for creating video content!!
  • No option to not have music
    • Have to choose a background song from their choices, cannot have no music, or your own music
  • Cannot add company logo throughout the video

Hopefully you found this review of YouTube Director helpful but if you are keen to know more or are looking for support with video or promoting your video assets please get in touch!


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