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What does it take to be one of the world's most valuable brands? Ask Panasonic

Written by Rob | 12-Oct-2016 13:23:00

At equimedia, we’re always delighted to see a client achieve success, and Panasonic is no exception. Just this week it was announced that they have again made the Interbrand list of the Best Global Brands. We’re tremendously proud of the accomplishments of all of our clients, and to have one acknowledged in the top 100 Global Brands list just reinforces how proud we are of our B2B work together.

You don’t gain a place on such an illustrious list by luck alone, certainly not for several years in a row. It is essential for organisations of this kind of size and scale to have fingers in many different pies, manifesting as numerous different business units seeking to engage with different audiences in multiple markets. With so many moving parts, each different arm or offering has to be grouped around an overarching promise and core brand to make sure that, no matter how a customer engages with that business, their experience of the company is consistent. While many may be aware of Panasonic’s consumer tech offering, they may be unaware that some 70% of its global revenue is achieved outside of consumer markets.

This was precisely the target of our work with Panasonic B2B in the UK: to improve brand name recognition for its business-facing product offering with a ‘shock and amazement’ approach, to surprise and educate audiences at the breadth of Panasonic B2B’s work around the world. equimedia supported the rollout of the ‘Think again’ campaign through programmatic, social and PPC tactics – which worked hard in the digital space to contribute to the well over 87,000,000 impressions, 104,449 visits to the Panasonic B2B microsite – some 84% of which were first time visitors to Panasonic B2B. The campaign proved so successful in the UK, it has now been rolled out to other European regions – and Panasonic were so proud of its success, it was their chosen case study showcased in this year’s Interbrand ranking. Not only did this work smash the targets for campaign success, it is also a great example of moving the needle beautifully for awareness of Panasonic B2B’s capabilities while recognising the broader, brand whole.

It is just this kind of joined-up thinking which has led Panasonic to feature consistently on the most valuable brands ranking since the records start in 2000 – no mean feat for any brand to achieve when you think of all the change which has occurred to the media, economic and consumer landscapes over that time. We’re tremendously proud of the work we have delivered with Panasonic B2B – both with the Think Again campaign and beyond – and to have this recognised as part of the reason why Panasonic is such a household brand force is a real badge of honour for us.