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Petplan lead the way with new fully responsive quote funnel

Written by Ryan | 23-May-2014 08:24:00

We’re very proud of a new website launch in April; Petplan’s new, fully responsive Quote and Buy funnel. As far as we are aware, this is currently one of the only fully responsive sales funnels live in the UK Financial Services sector. It’s great to be able to break new innovative ground like this.

Due to the level of innovation involved, both the Client and equimedia were keen to make sure this new Quote and Buy funnel was very stringently tested. Therefore the intensive project, starting towards the end of last year, saw us go through a journey of:

The timing for this project was perfect, with the aggregated Tablet and Smartphone traffic reaching a critical tipping point relative to Desktop traffic.

The initial results have been fantastic with increased conversion rates right throughout the journey. Plus, the experience on smartphones is of course hugely improved.

…..and the Google Developer tool currently gives the funnel a score of 99/100 for user experience!

Plans for further optimisation of the site are, naturally, ongoing.

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