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Written by Jodi | 13-Jan-2012 10:41:41

Have you ever wanted a place where you can collect and share all the beautiful, quirky and inspiring things you come across from day to day whilst browsing the web? You may or may not have heard of a relatively new social network called Pinterest, a “self-expression engine” for users to express their creativity. At present, it is still an invite-only social network but it has proven to be one of the top ten most visited social networks of the past year.

So how does it work?

Pinterest allows you to ‘pin’ and share all that you love on the internet, such as images and video to your own virtual pinboards. These pinboards can be labelled as whatever you like, examples being ‘Pets’, ‘Thing’s I Love’ and ‘Places I Want to Travel’ etc.
Here are my pin boards so far -

By simply dragging a Pin It button onto your bookmarks bar you are able to capture anything you come across when you click it and then selecting the image from the page.

So where is the social element?

You have the ability to follow other ‘pinners’, comment and like their posts. As well as this, if you see something another user has shared that you really like you can re-pin it to your own board which works as a re-tweet or a re-blog would.
A great example of a top pinner would be Pinterest cofounder Ben Silbermann who has over 479246 followers and 88 boards spanning across a diverse arrangement of subjects, from Incredible Technology to Food Art.

Pinterest is also a great way for brands to showcase their content, build brand awareness and connect with influencers who like their products as it generates additional visibility and exposes them to new audiences. Food and fashion are popular niches amongst users so there is a good opportunity for these industries to get their products and promotions noticed.

Of course no social network would be without an app to accompany it. The app itself has the same functionality but instead allows you to pin with your camera and add a location so other pinners can visit.


Overall Pinterest is fantastic for discovering new things and getting inspired from other people who share the same interests as you. It is a social space that all brands especially retail will want to be visible in, for the ability to launch their new products and collections and get them seen and shared. Travel companies can feature their amazing holiday destinations, small independent businesses can use it to promote their unique products and build up a following and food outlets can tantalise pinners with images of delicious cuisine to interest and draw in new customers. Personally, I love it and feel it’s definitely a social network that you could easily get addicted to.
Happy pinning!