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Planning Display for Christmas

Written by Rachel | 06-Dec-2013 17:40:00

Christmas is a busy time for advertisers but with careful thinking about budget weighting and creative messaging campaigns can be a real success. Budget should be maximised before the last order date and Post-Christmas but it’s important to keep the awareness there in-between. Changing your creative messaging is a quick and simple way to do this, making sure the message you are conveying to your audience is timely and relevant at all stages throughout the month.

Last Order Dates
If you’re a retailer it’s important to think about your last order dates for guaranteed delivery. You want to maximise your sales before this date, so budget weighting should account for reaching as many people as possible at this time whilst the creative messaging should clearly communicate to the user when the last order date is. This will gives users a sense of urgency as time is limited and will help drive sales. 

Creative messaging
However just because you have now passed the last order date it doesn’t mean you should relax. There is still potential demand for your products and therefore it's important you continue with activity. This is where a change in your creative messaging comes into play. Let people know that while their order may not arrive in time there is still the ‘perfect gift’ available. If you have gift certificates available for people to download and print why not make this clear on creative? It will help people feel like they are still ‘giving’ the gift on the big day.

New Year, New Opportunities
So Christmas Eve has finally arrived, the Pre-Christmas rush has ended and you're looking forward to some well-deserved time with friends and family. But there is just one more thing you need to do before you leave the office; now is the time to make sure everything is ready for the Post-Christmas sales! This is the time to once again upweight budgets and change that creative messaging, capturing those who will be browsing the web on their brand new devices. Let them know about the ‘Amazing Offers’ and ‘Huge Savings’ that are now available.

Planning is key at this time of year. But with some careful consideration about your budget weighting and the messages you want to convey the task should become more simple and results improved.