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Predictions for Digital Marketing Success in 2014

Written by Stacey | 10-Feb-2014 11:18:00

Following on from the channel-specific predictions for 2014 marketing which have been going live on our blog over the last month, we have compiled the themes into a downloadable document, focusing on the areas that we feel will make the difference to Client’s campaigns and digital strategies over the course of 2014.

We hope that you find this an interesting read!

To read the full document simply click on this link - 2014 Predictions for Digital Marketing Success

Charlotte, Darren, Sylwia, Ryan and Jonathan have all penned their individual blogs covering what they think 2014 might have in store for their own disciplines. If you have missed these, and would like to catch up – here are the links:

Read Charlotte's blog post on Display advertising
Here Jonathan puts together the main themes emerging in 2014 for SEO
Read Darren's predictions on PPC
Find out Ryan's thoughts on Web Development in 2014
Sylwia shares her predictions on social media

We look forward to testing these initiatives with our clients over the coming year!