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Putting Performance into Your Digital marketing!

Written by Andrew | 10-Apr-2014 09:18:00

I was recently asked by Marketing Week for my thoughts on how marketers should increase their effectiveness as part of a Performance Marketing and Affiliates Supplement that was published in April.

In it I make the point that while performance marketing has often been associated with affiliate marketing it should simply be about getting the most out of all response-driving digital channels.

To use a sporting analogy I’m sure we are all aware of the hard work, constant training and fine tuning that goes into delivering a great performance by our sporting heroes. It’s also worth remembering that this can be applied in everything we do and combining expertise with the right attitude plus constant application means we can all progress.

This brings me back to applying the principles of Performance Marketing to online activity. It doesn’t matter whether your online performance today is of Olympic track standard or it feels like you are embarking on your first online marathon. When you invest time and energy to look for those small changes that, when combined make a big difference, you will always benefit and see continuous improvement to your digital marketing ROI.

But it’s no good identifying what needs to be done if you don’t do it or get sidelined by the next sexy thing. Execution is key as without it nothing changes.

In summary if you think about emulating how performance athletes fine tune their actions to deliver incremental gains you will over time see significant marketing performance improvement and reap the gains on the bottom line.

Let me leave you with our top tips for Performance Marketing success:

1. Get your analytics right 
If you don’t know how things are performing, you don’t know what you can improve.

2. Create granular campaigns
Whether it be AdWords or display campaigns, budget and optimisation management at a granular level give you greater control.

3. Know your limits
Getting the best performance out of performance marketing channels is a not easy and enlisting an expert can help to amplify your marketing performance.

4. Control, test and learn 
Ensure performance is benchmarked, and tests are recorded. This often overlooked cyclical process prevents performance from becoming stagnant.

5. Don’t neglect the website 
It’s not all about campaign management. Your website can be your greatest asset, or worst enemy – depending on your conversion rate! 

Like athletes, marketers can hugely impact campaign and online performance through the aggregation of marginal gains.

At equimedia we have a reputation for making the complex digital world simple and are confident we can boost your marketing performance providing real additional value - fast.

Feel free to contact me if you want to explore how your digital marketing could be improved.