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Questions for your digital marketing agency

Written by Stacey | 16-Mar-2016 15:40:00

There are three questions we are regularly asked when a Client is planning to pitch their business. We thought it would be useful to share them as they are common through all new business discussions.

For any business to thrive in today’s digital world, these questions equally highlight general potential success factors:
team structure, innovation and ROI. They apply for agencies who are pitching for new business, as much as they do for client teams, if activity is managed in house. So as you read through, see how they could be applied to your agency and/or business.

1. What is your account management structure?

When you work with a digital marketing agency, you are extending your own marketing team. For that reason you need the agency to take a collaborative approach where you are getting the absolute best from them, in the same way you would have similar expectations from your own marketing team.

We ensure every member of our central account management team has experience across different sectors and channels so they develop in-depth understanding of the client’s business, their challenges and campaign objectives. With this knowledge, the team is able to become the perfect client partner as they liaise with our sector specific experts to identify opportunities to continually optimise performance and seek out new techniques to enhance future activities, acting as the ‘agency client’ and sounding out results and ideas before they even get to you.

We firmly believe our account management structure has been instrumental to the success of many of our client partnerships and find that they are more than satisfied with the way our teams work with them.

“equimedia are one of the most proactive agencies I have worked with. The account management team I work with are knowledgeable in all areas of digital and it really helps when you are working with them day to day. They give the same energy and enthusiasm across all our products, and have taken the time to understand each one properly."

Hannah Wright, Digital Marketing Manager, Age UK Enterprises

Source: Testimonials

2. How do you keep up to date with the latest innovations?

A criticism we have commonly heard about incumbent agencies, is that they tend to just deliver as per the client brief. They don’t go that extra mile or watch out for new techniques or technologies that could be considered for future digital marketing activities. In some cases they aren’t even being notified of changes to existing channels which could improve campaign performance.

We pride ourselves very much on keeping up to date with the latest industry developments. It was for this exact reason that we created our
Innovations team, the force behind our Digital Futures events!

By all means, click through on the above link to find out more about these events and how we use this time to look at digital innovations across a range of industry sectors and how they might be used to derive real value for client’s business.

What was the last new thing your agency told you about?

In our latest
Digital Updates email we looked at the changes to Google’s SERP layout and what this means for advertisers, and how Google and Facebook are tackling the issue of getting faster web page load times.

3. How do you measure the return from allocated budget?

Analytics and big data are hot topics in digital marketing; and for good reason. Everything that is digital is measurable, and therefore accountable. In some agencies, this may be an intensive piece of work, pulling together data from various sources for manual interrogation to ensure budget is optimised for best efficiencies. This is a somewhat time and resource heavy process; but a vital piece of work.

In others, it may be completely automated. The output report identifying where budget has been spent, how it has performed and what steps could be taken to improve the next planned activity. After the initial investment in software, this analysis is less time and resource heavy but depending on the frequency of the reporting, may be a challenge when it comes to taking an agile approach to optimisation.

Here, we have the best of both worlds. We use
bespoke technology that analyses data from multiple sources on a daily basis. Then, our highly skilled people analyse the data and use it to better plan, target and optimise campaigns from the very first day it goes live. By using automated reporting to drive actionable, manual insights, we are able to exploit opportunities on a daily basis to ensure we achieve a positive return on investment and the client is maximising the performance of their marketing budget, for every campaign they run.

It goes without saying that we ensure we’re able to answer the above questions to a more than satisfactory level. This explains why we work with some great clients, and we have a history of long standing relationships with them. And while an agency is never going to publish sub-optimal results(!) you might want to visit our
case studies page to see the kinds of success we are generating across digital media channels on behalf of our clients, in line with their business targets.

A parting thought…

Make sure you have the best possible relationship with your agency and that the extension to your marketing team is working hard to maximise the return on your digital marketing investment. To do this, you might need to ‘let them in’ to the detail a bit more than you were expecting, but in our experience the results are always worth it when this approach is taken!