Real Time Bidding: Delivering Performance Through Innovation in Online Display


Real Time Bidding: Delivering Performance Through Innovation in Online Display ...

The display ad buying space has been evolving with improvements in targeting and automated buying techniques - an Infographic "The Rebirth of Display Advertising" ( maps out this trend over the last few years – with RTB serving around 12 Billion Impressions per day across ad exchanges in 2011. 

It's very easy to get lost in amongst the acronyms and technologies in online advertising – Our focus at Equi=Media, through our Kaizen Platform trading desk, is to harness innovation in the display space and deliver effective performance for our clients. Our results speak for themselves – with RTB accounting for around 70% of our ad network impressions making responses 20% more efficient than comparable network performance.

Real Time Bidding (RTB) is a buying technique which describes the process of purchasing ad impressions at the moment they are served. When an ad impression is called by a user's browser, advertisers who wish to purchase the space based on pre-defined targeting are entered into an auction, and the impression is given to the highest bidder.

RTB is relatively new to the digital display space, powered by faster computing power and technology which enables millions of impressions to be bought in real time with a targeted ad being delivered to the user within the blink of an eye. RTB benefits are:

  • Impressions bought are only those which fit within defined targeting
  • Pay the true value of each ad impression based on the value each targeting segment delivers against your KPIs
  • Optimise campaigns and targeting throughout the duration of a campaign


About Kaizen Platform

The Kaizen Platform is built upon proprietary DSP (Demand Side Platform) technology and targeting strategies to deliver improvement through continuous optimisation across all digital channels. Through the Kaizen Platform, we deliver display campaigns in line with Equi=Media's philosophy to improve performance through continuous optimisation, and evolve with emerging technologies in the display ad market.

Kaizen originates from Japan; it's a philosophy which focuses on continuous improvement by improving standardised processes and activities, aiming to eliminate waste. 

To find out more about RTB or the Kaizen Platform, please contact us through our contact form or call us on 01793 715440.


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