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Bing already had a tweet search service and I feel Google are just playing at keeping up with Jones’s on this one, as much as I love Google and the variety of options they offer, I have been singing the praises of Bing recently due to the great results I have been getting optimising various clients’ sites.

Real time has its place I’m sure for those who want a single search solution, and I have no doubt brands will be taking advantages of the real estate they have the opportunity to exploit in the serps should they have the resources to dedicate to constant tweeting.

I played with a few searches, Tiger Woods, Barack Obama and of course this morning has all been about Berlusconi, but what if you’re not big news this morning and you want a piece of the cake?
Trending topics on Twitter and top searches on Google insights/trends can help you to find out what is being talked about today.  You could then start a new conversation about your Brand on Twitter, get people talking about it and monitor the Google search results. 

Real time search results

But what if you don’t have the resources to Tweet constantly and sometimes inanely about your brand, when perhaps you don’t have a new launch, service or product to talk about, but just want to maintain your previous real estate in the serps. 

I think companies and brands will have to reconsider their objectives when it comes to search, with increased competition from real time taking up valuable real estate.

But what about users? Do they really want this? Personally if I wanted to see tweets for a particular topic I would search on Twitter.  Take my husband for example, not particularly web savvy, he gets easily frustrated with Google universal results anyway, if he wanted news results he would do a news search, pictures: use image search “why do I want all this clutter? I just want to see a list of websites which relate to my search, I don’t want to know what twits are tweeting about, just give me simple results” I hear him yelling the pc, (bless him). If he wants to find a video he uses YouTube and so on, he doesn’t want to /wp-content/uploads/filter results by type and time scale, it’s fiddly and time consuming.

I wonder how long will real time will last? Will it become yet another /wp-content/uploads/filter option or become a permanent fixture?
Inevitably Google has to balance between the users who are increasingly using the web in ever more resourceful ways, and the users who just want quick clean, simple and relevant results.


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