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A week after Marketing Week Live 2014…and I have just about digested it all!

Written by Jamie | 03-Jul-2014 15:45:00

Last week saw us have an interesting involvement at Marketing Week Live 2014, where we were situated in the Meet the Agency section of the show. This is described as “the unique opportunity to speak to specialist agencies who can help you overcome your challenges and meet your campaign objectives”. The great part for us is that we got to speak to so many people who mostly shared similar challenges:

  • Content – how, what, when & why
  • Data – how to make sense and best use of it

Which was nice because these are two areas of expertise for us! It stimulated some great conversations that will hopefully be continued.

As well as giving us the platform to speak to a host of very interesting people and test our challenge solving skills, we had the opportunity to meet/speak to/listen to media owners, technology providers, suppliers, clients – which is something we love to do. You can get a real feel for the “what’s now and what’s next” by doing this. There were also some great seminars across the various theatres segmented by topic: Digital Marketing Training, Real Life, Best Practice and Strategy & Future. These sessions were hosted by some very well-known brands and covered specific topics from “Marketing and procurement – friend or foe” to “Web design and usability for increased customer satisfaction and conversion”.

Listening to the various questions and conversations in the short networking after each seminar, the challenges/opportunities for a lot of people seemed to mirror the conversations we were having in the Meet the Agency section around content and data (albeit linked to the specific session and accompanying challenge). It’s our firm understanding that data should underpin and steer what you do as a marketing strategy: who you speak to, how you speak to them, when you speak to them, the journey you ask them to take and the after purchase approach.

If you didn’t get the chance to meet us at Marketing Week Live, not only did you miss out on the opportunity to meet either Tiff,
Stacey or
myself but you also missed out on some free sweets! We have a couple of bags left, so do get in contact if you want to discuss any challenges you have; not only will you find out how we can help but you will also get some free sweets in the process!