Parent, baby and child retail sites failing to meet the demands of today’s ‘mobile-mums’


Parent, baby and child retail sites failing to meet the demands of today’s ‘mobile-mums’ ...

Any parent reading this will agree that juggling a new baby, walking the dog, school pick-ups, a demanding job, running the house, etc. is a time-consuming business. When you add all the mental post-it notes “remember to buy…” and “James needs new school shoes” it’s no wonder more and more of us are turning to our mobile devices to search and purchase ‘on the run’.

IMRG research in 2014 found that 52% of all visits to retail websites came from mobile devices and Think With Google’s Back to School Shopping 2015 report cites a similar trend:  

Last summer, about 40% of back-to-school searches were done on mobile devices, and already this year, mobile share is topping 50%.

We decided to research 65 UK parent, baby and child retail websites and explore their ability to meet the expectations of today's mobile savvy Millennial Mums. It was quickly apparent that many are restricting their opportunity to close a sale with this time-poor audience as their websites were not up to scratch. Among the key findings, we found:

retail sites whitepaper

  • 32% websites serve content wider than a smartphone screen making it hard to use
  • 78% need to improve page load times to avoid losing traffic
  • 91% should review their call to action buttons as they were too close together to use easily on a smart phone.

In addition, many had overlooked basic technical SEO optimisations, harming their site’s ability to appear in natural search results.

Download the whitepaper to read the full report, and our tips to help retail websites improve their online performance. 

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