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Royal baby birth delivers for HiPP Organic

Written by Tiffany | 12-Aug-2013 11:42:00

The excitement around the Royal Baby was something we wanted to harness for one of our clients, Organic Baby Food manufacturer HiPP Organic – because of the clear tie between a new baby and their product offering.

The key to this is agile marketing; Understanding your audience and their interests to create opportunities for awareness and engagement.

Congratulations Wills & Kate!

Without doubt the biggest story of the year in the press has been the Royal Baby. From the pregnancy announcement through to the registration of Prince George Alexander Louis’ birth it has featured in all manner of publications and been a topic of conversation on many people’s lips – and it’s this status as the “hot topic” that meant the Royal Baby (perhaps unsurprisingly) was seen as a golden opportunity for marketers.

Source: credit AP; http://www.salon.com/2013/07/24/royal_babys_name_announced/

Global brands like Coca Cola, Tesco, Google and Mangum all celebrated the new addition to the Royal family with congratulations-themed campaigns; Coca-Cola congratulated the Royal couple with an ad that read “Time for a Royal Celebration” and a picture of two bottles labelled Will and Kate while Tesco began running press ads to promote Moet & Chandon champagne as the drink to celebrate the occasion.

You don’t have to spend mega bucks to ride the wave

HiPP Organic, and their competitors, embraced the Royal Baby story for months on their Social Media channels, but we wanted to add a second dimension and so looked to PPC as an additional channel to communicate a Royal Baby message. 

To start, we used Google’s Trends tool to check the pattern in search volume and confirm the opportunity – and the rapid rise in search volume just reinforced our idea;

With the opportunity confirmed, we updated our copy to communicate a Royal Baby themed message. To minimise any impact on Quality Score, we ran the new copy in conjunction with 1 piece of existing copy.

We also increased investment by 33% to ensure decent levels of visibility on a handful of Royal Baby themed keywords, such as ‘royal baby news’ and ‘royal baby name’. The generic nature of these keywords allowed us to reach a broader audience than we would usually target – an audience that perhaps hadn’t heard of or engaged with the HiPP Organic brand before – allowing us to utilise PPC as a cost efficient Market Making technique. 

Popular stories mean strong engagement

The campaign introduced new people to the HiPP brand, providing exceptional results:

  • CTR
    • 291% higher than other generic activity
    • Despite low QS due to little Royal Baby content on site 


  • New users 
    • 95% of the users through the keywords were new to the hipp.co.uk website

The Royal Baby was a global phenomenon – but how do you spot those ‘smaller’ stories?

The Royal Baby was global news, but there are a number of tools out there that you can utilise to spot smaller, perhaps more market specific stories and pieces of information that you can utilise and adapt for campaign messaging.

Here are just 4 of the tools we utilise here at equimedia to monitor markets and better understand a client’s customers; 

  1. Brandwatch
    • We utilise Brandwatch to monitor conversations across the web. We build bespoke queries for clients based on their target market and offering, collect the data, add a layer of manual data “cleaning” our side, and then collect and analyse the data to gather insights that drive strategic decisions.
    • Brandwatch also offers an alert system (to notify you there and then of mentions you’re tracking) which can help you react quickly.  
  2. Google alerts
    • One that comes straight to your inbox – you can set up Google alerts to be emailed to you as news happens, or daily/weekly based on keywords you choose and input.
  3. Feedly
    • One of the promising alternatives to the recently retired Google Reader, which allows you to subscribe to multiple RSS feeds and Google News search terms.
  4. Trending hashtags on Twitter 
    • A simple one – logging in to Twitter and looking at the trends in the box on the left hand side of the home screen. These will be the most popular hashtags on Twitter at any one time.