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Search Budgets Set to Increase

Written by Huxley | 30-Apr-2009 13:48:00

According to the annual UK Search Engine Marketing Benchmark Report, 55% of companies intend to increase their natural search budgets and 45% will up their paid search investment this year in attempt increase their measurable ROI in the current economic climate. The report surveyed 800 client companies, agencies and search consultants and found that large numbers are continuing to increase their natural and paid search budgets, where ROI has greater measurability.

These findings make logical sense: in an economic downturn, marketing professionals become even more accountable for their actions and campaign performance, so are more likely to invest in channels where it is easier to measure ROI.

The ongoing development of adserving technology (like Doubleclick) and analytics tools (such as Google Analytics) makes online measurability even more accessible. However, the importance of attributing responses back to the right media source is also now even greater. With these tools now allowing developers to access the raw data through API's and the like, the possibilities for attribution modeling are limitless.

It is great that some marketers are taking a step forward on accountability and investing in Search, but in order to get the most from marketing budgets, an understanding of attribution must follow shortly behind.

The full report can be purchased from the Econsultancy website.

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