Seeing Wimbledon through a different lens – the Google Glass Experience


Seeing Wimbledon through a different lens – the Google Glass Experience ...

Whether you’re still coming to terms with Murray’s defeat in the quarter finals or you’re championing Federer to win the title, we’ve discovered a new way to enhance your Wimbledon experience…Google Glass. While it’s known that 2014 in particular has seen Wimbledon undergo a
digital makeover, there’s no denying the fact that Google Glass could seriously transform the game from both a spectator and player’s perspective. From finding your way to the quintessential event, with its defining ‘Tennis in an English Garden’ image, to amusing yourself in between sets, Google Glass has it all…(well, almost).

The Wimbledon Must-Have 

Forget strawberries and creams, sun hats and sunnies, we’ve put our own pair of Glass through its paces to find out how it could help enrich your experience at The Championships, and here’s what we discovered…

Planning and preparation

Yes, ok so you can do this with your smartphone or tablet, but the point here is to showcase glass; so to help iron out any ‘I didn’t know it was going to pour down’ moments or unwanted travel disasters; glass can be used for both handily getting directions and checking the weather forecast (though why ask - of course it will rain!).

This navigation will also come in handy for when you’ve parked up or just stepped off public transport and need to fathom the final route by foot, and it’s easy to switch between different modes of travel – whether that’s public transport, walking, biking or via car.

Feeling peckish? By using voice recognition you can also ask glass to find the nearest coffee shop – so there’s no need to get unsavoury recommendations from a passer-by or spend an obscene amount at Wimbledon (although Pimms and afternoon tea is surely a must!).

Getting directions via Google Glass example

Getting the Wimbledon weather forecast via Google Glass example

The Game Changer

Whether you are meeting some friends or need to make a quick call to the office, providing your mobile phone is paired up to your mobile, you can also use glass to make and receive phone calls. It’s important to set up contacts through the 
MyGlass app or MyGlass site – although it’s worth noting that only a maximum of ten contacts can be created – however it’s a time saving way to call or message them throughout the day (especially if you want to keep them updated with the latest results!).

Sending a message or making a call with Google Glass example

Perhaps you want to take to social networking platforms to share images and videos of all the action as it unfolds before you.  This is also another feature enabled by glass, and you can share photos to Twitter, Google+ and Facebook all from using the touchpad. Admittedly Google+ is more advanced than Twitter and Facebook but hopefully this will change in the near future.

Posting updates to social channels via Google Glass example

Putting privacy issues aside, we particularly like its ability to take photos, and with the wink of your right eye you can quickly capture that serve or back hand to get instant, great pictures. In fact, you can even wear them to take pictures of your own tennis game, particularly if you’re feeling inspired post-Wimbledon (see an example below one when of our own team took to the court).

Google glass picture of tennis player on court

In fact, even Roger Federer has worn Google Glass during a practice match, and in the video below you are able to get a first-hand view of Federer playing against his coach Stefan Edberg. Watch the footage here:

As well as being able to browse the web, you can also use the Voice Recognition for finding out information and helpful facts, so whether you want to find out about a certain player or the history of Wimbledon, you (should) get the answer fairly quickly. It’s one way of keeping clued up, especially if you’re a first-timer.

Search for facts on the web - example search result on Google Glass

Another way to while away the time as you’re sat there waiting for the next set to begin is by playing a spot of virtual tennis. True, you’ll be in keeping with the tennis theme but beware of looking slightly daft (some head action is required, since your head is effectively the racket). You can see what the game looks like below, but as with most things, if you’re good, it can get addictive. You’ve been warned!

Play Google Glass virtual tennis example

Be your own tennis hero

Assuming you’ve had a wonderful time watching your sporting heroes demonstrate some tennis brilliance, you might now be feeling inspired and adamant at making your own Federer-esque video. Our Content, Social and PR Executive, Wes, tried the video function out this week, and here are some of the results below.

His verdict? “It’s very easy to use the recording feature while playing tennis and it doesn’t get in the way of your vision, plus the video quality is pretty good.” 

: Record your own tennis match using Google Glass

Yet while Google glass is still clearly in prototype form and needs a lot of refining, as discussed in our
First Impressions Review, there’s no doubt that glass could have its place for enhancing the spectator’s experience at Wimbledon and quite frankly, whether a publicity stunt or not, if it’s good enough for Federer, it’s good enough for us (or any tennis wannabe).

Google glass visuals of Wes serving and Google glass with tennis ball on court 


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