SENSE Ridgewalk - Fundraising & Training Update 3


SENSE Ridgewalk - Fundraising & Training Update 3 ...

[We're raising money for SENSE. To donate, visit our JustGiving page here.]

Today's total stands at £2078 and once again, we'd like to thank all of our suppliers, clients, colleagues, family and friends for helping us to get this far...

With less than 7 weeks to go if you haven't done so yet, and would like to contribute, please give what you can to help us reach the target:

Training has been gradually increasing over the previous few weeks, and we walked our furthest route so far at the weekend, despite injuries and hangovers... 20.2 miles!

Dogs, and willing sisters in tow, 5 of us walked section 1 of the Ridgeway to Ogborne St George, from Overton Hill, near Avebury, found a nice pub and had a spot of lunch and then trekked back again.

It was a full working day's worth of walking, and after an extra early, cold and foggy start, thanks to British Summertime, the walk turned out very pleasantly at about pub o'clock, with some beautiful views and sunshine, enabling us to sit in the beer garden and enjoy some well deserved grub!

We are particularly chuffed with our efforts as this means that the 26 milers are well on track with our training, however we have realised just how tough it is! The 52mile trekkers are planning some longer treks in the coming weeks to build them up, as they need to be at 30 miles (ish) 2 weeks before the walk...

Other mentions go out to Huxley, one of the 52 milers who couldn't make the 20 mile route on Sunday, but powered on a lone 14 mile trek around Cheltenham, and provided some wonderful brownie goodies to sell in the office yesterday.

Also, a very dedicated 52 miler – Tom and his ever-faithful support crew girlfriend Cristina did a 16 mile trek around Lechlade the previous week, despite the rest of us being too lazy to turn out...

We have heard rumours though that they got a bit lost in farmers field and this photo captured the moment when Tom was contemplating jumping over a connecting stream and someone a bit more sensible pointed out that they could just walk in the other direction towards London and still complete the 16 mile distance.

They made it eventually though...

It's been a great effort so far, and we look forward to updating you on more of our treks and fundraising over the coming weeks.


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