SENSE Ridgewalk - Training Update 1


SENSE Ridgewalk - Training Update 1 ...

[We're raising money for SENSE. To donate, visit our JustGiving page here.]

On Saturday, Louise, Huxley and I attended the compulsory Ridgeway Trek information morning.

Despite having to surface pre 8am on a Saturday morning, we arrived in good spirits and were pleased to find some free coffee!

The event manager (who I thought looked a little bit like an older, headmaster version of Daniel Craig... but perhaps I was the only one...) talked us through the team itinerary for each distance, the kit list and constantly reminded us that we only have 12 weeks before the event!

We were taken through the route and the various checkpoints, which I have to say worried me a little more when it didn't fit on one page!

After learning some very interesting blister-prevention remedies, and also the potential pubs that featured on the route the bombshell was then dropped...

...WE HAVE TO GIVE HALF THE MONEY IN ON 2ND APRIL! That's £1800 that we need to raise in 6 weeks!!

We were then told a little more about the charity SENSE and the work it does for families who have a child with impaired hearing and vision, and indeed teenagers and adults that are affected by these disabilities. The hope and support network that SENSE provides for these families is amazing and while the information session had made us realise that while it is a huge challenge that we are facing, we couldn't help but feel that walking 26/52 miles through the night is nothing compared to the challenge that these families face every day, and to us, it has made raising and exceeding the target even more important – more information on the charity is available here:

Well that did it – after the information session we have sprung into action, sending emails out to our lovely clients and suppliers, hoping that we can raise some extra cash for SENSE, and meet our halfway target before the 2nd April. We are planning additional events in our local area to ensure that the fundraising goes to plan and that we can make a real difference to the families we learned about on Saturday.

On leaving the hotel where the session was held, I thought it was about time that Bernard (my faithful walking buddy) got kitted out, so he can now help out and carry essentials when we're out 'practicing' on weekends – so I popped over to the pet store across the road, and bought him his very own trekking bag (although I think he preferred it when I carried everything)!

We are really looking forward to the challenge, and I speak on behalf of the full team (Huxley, Tom, Jonathan , Paul, Jo, Jodi Chris and I) when I say we are extremely grateful for anything you can spare that will help us reach our overall fundraising target of £3400 for this wonderful charity!


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