Getting set up with your Google Cardboard


Getting set up with your Google Cardboard ...

If you've attended one of our events you may have come across our equimedia branded
Google cardboard viewer but wondered what the heck you do with it if you’re too polite to ask! Develop your origami skills with Mike’s how-to video guide below.

What is the Google Cardboard?

Essentially it's a simple Virtual Reality (VR) headset, made from cardboard, two plastic lenses and a velcro strap. Combine this ingenious contraption with your phone, and you're ready to experience virtual reality! Once you've installed the
Google Cardboard app (Android) your phone will be able to render two separate images, one on each half of the screen, like so:

The cardboard viewer ensures each eye sees a separate image with no overlap, and the plastic fisheye lenses give you a zoomed-in view of your phone screen. You place the phone in the front of the viewer, and you're ready to go.

Build instructions

Our own head of Paid Search, Mike Sharp, took a few minutes to put together a video demonstration showing how to put your Google Cardboard together:

Once you've set yourself up with the App and your Google Cardboard, try some
more apps that work with the Cardboard; we've found that the VRSE app has some great experiences although the files are rather large (a decent VR experience typically consists of a 1GB+ download). Initially you might find the Cardboard viewer a little unnerving, but definitely an awesome look into the future - particularly with a consumer version of the Oculus Riftset to release in early 2016. Happy vewing!


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