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Social Log Ins Honest engagement ...

Over 1 billion internet users now use some form of social media service and once logged in, they rarely log back out, so it seems logical that websites should let users register using your social account.

While this is the case for some, there are still many who insist you create an account, leaving the user frustrated. In a study by Janrain, 75% of the people studied said they would leave a site and most likely not return if asked to complete a registration form.

96% of people claimed that the offers or information received is irrelevant or of no interest but that's no surprise when 78% of people admitted to giving inaccurate or false information when creating an account. So how can you personally target and engage with your audience if you don't really know about them?

Using a social log in is a win-win solution for both parties. Companies are able to collect social pro/wp-content/uploads/file data to offer the most customised experience and in return, the consumer feels more engaged. 64% said they are more likely to return to a website if the experience is personalised and 54% said they would recommend the website to others.

This leads to the next phase of engagement. Consumers are more honest on social platforms and keen to share their experiences, good or bad, so brands should embrace this.

A recent study by social commerce firm Revoo found that 52% of those surveyed rated their friends' recommendations as influential and 48% were influenced by consumer reviews.

There is a high level of scepticism over whether reviews are genuine or not, especially when every comment is blowing their metaphorical trumpet, so including the less favourable comments may not be a bad thing. The crucial factor here is to respond quickly and resolve issues as soon as they arise, turning a negative customer experience into a positive one.

A perfect example of this was something I saw a while ago through Pinterest, (who incidentally use social log ins).

A sandwich company in New York, who received a rather scathing review on Yelp, turned a negative into a major positive and saw an opportunity to make it work for them. Whether it was really that bad or not, you can be sure that the number of customers who bought the $12 sandwich to find out, more than made up for it.

Our social media team at Equi Media pride themselves on understanding the complexities of social spaces and interpreting the buzz around a clients' brand, enabling them to deliver campaigns that attract feedback, followers and fans.

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