Social Media Seasonality Tips


Social Media Seasonality Tips ...

If you haven’t started to think about creating some unique Christmas themed content for the festive season then, like my Christmas shopping, it’s never too late! In my admittedly biased opinion, social media is the best place to start. If we go ahead and assume that you already have some sort of social presence with a group of dedicated followers then you have an untapped resource already at your fingertips.  

The Tips:

1. Why not start off with something easy? Simply ask a question to your audience. This works especially well if you’re a B2C company who could potentially talk to your audience about their Christmas wish list. If you were doing this solely through Twitter then you could even develop your own dedicated #Hashtag.

2. Building on our first idea; why not take it a step further and come up with a Christmas giveaway? This one is quite simple, people love free stuff. The gifts don’t have to be particularly extravagant to help increase engagement, although I’d assume that there would be a strong correlation between the extravagance of the gift and the volume of interaction your brand receives. A great example of this is Peter Jones’ #12DaysOfJones. Without going through all the numbers let’s just have a quick look at one of his tweets. 

He received 1,220 Retweets and 72 favorites, from this tweet alone. That’s not even taken into consideration all the @mentions and other people using the #hashtag (which trended internationally by the way). 

Admittedly Peter Jones is a famous entrepreneur and featured on the Dragons Den, so you could argue that all of his tweets would get this interaction. But they don’t. 

This Tweet received 11 retweets and 7 favourites, a fraction of the other example. The moral of the story is that giveaways work.

3. If you are ever going to show your company’s personality, Christmas is the perfect opportunity. Most offices have Christmas parties, secret Santa, costume days and decorate the office. Upload some photos of your boss in a Farther Christmas hat or some of your colleagues who look rather merry at the Christmas party (nothing too explicit!). Not only would this show the lighter side of your company but it also has the added benefit of /wp-content/uploads/filling your social channels with visual content, which is much more shareable.

If you haven’t yet embraced the Christmas season then I’m hoping these hints will help to inspire you.


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