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Spot the spoof ...

Over the last year we've seen the announcement of some exciting developments in digital technology. From the latest progress of global giants to innovative launches of new technology (such as the latest Oculus Rift virtual reality headset for gamers).

At a time when innovation in digital technology is so fast paced and cutting edge, it's often hard to separate fact from fiction. Several times this year I've heard of a new development and checked the date to see if I'm being April fooled.

To illustrate this below (with the help of our innovations team) I've pulled together four announcements from the last few months; three of them are genuine technology developments that are either available now or we can expect to see soon. One of them is a spoof. Take a look at the images below, read the descriptions and place your money on which of the 4 is untrue. Then read on, watch the videos and see the answer at the bottom of the page...... No cheating!!

odd one out

1: Facial recognition technology.

Tesco are planning to use facial recognition technology to scan customers faces to pro/wp-content/uploads/file them and then serve targeted video ads at them while they wait at the till.

2: Mobile Ad Whispering.

Google are launching an advertising solution that will whisper targeted ads to people during phone calls in return for significantly reducing mobile call charges.

3: Drone parcel delivery.

Amazon are testing the use of drones for the delivery of parcels to customers willing to pay extra for a package to arrive within 30 minutes.

4: Augmented toy shopping reality.

An augmented reality firm has developed an app that encourages children to scan toys with their phone or tablet so they can play a shoot 'em up in store to win discounts on the toy.

Take your pick now. Then watch the four videos below to see which are real and which is clearly a spoof. (If you want to go straight to the spoof, we've put that one right at the bottom of the page).

Facial recognition technology

Augmented reality shopping

Amazon drone testing

Google ad whispering (it's this one!)


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