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Squirrels, Sun Cream and Other Musings

Written by Paul Gourley | 15-Jan-2015 10:45:00

Online sales drop in the financial services sector when the sun shines in the UK*. If you’re a digital marketer this is probably an obvious statement. I’m full of obvious statements and this happens to be just one of them. People need the sun. They need to get out while they can. Who’s going to buy anything online when they could be outside taking pictures of squirrels at the park?! (Remember Bob?)

This blog entry is about two things: closely monitoring your sales activity as it correlates to the weather and making sure you use sun cream when you’re outside. Ok. I lied. This blog is really intended to be about the second item but since these blogs are mainly targeted towards digital marketers I’ll include a bit on the first as well.

Did you know that of approximately 4,500 daytime hours in a year, the UK sees the sun only about a third of those hours? This is actually good news! (You may not think so, but it is.) If you assume 1,500 hours of sun per year in the UK you can use the other 3,000 hours to rake in new sales! When you start to scrutinize sales activity for your financial services business I bet you’ll find very important trends.  And I bet one of these is the fact that in the UK people long for sunny days and online sales decline as a result when they get their wish. Adjust your media spend accordingly.

There are two types of weather patterns that will impact online sales – seasonal and abnormal. It’s nearly impossible to predict the abnormal but in the UK for example; it is typically cold in the winter, hot in the summer, raining in January and December, and experiences on average four times more sunshine in July compared to January. So, if you’re selling online expect to sell more in December and January than in July and, as I said before, think about spending your media dollars accordingly. This all seems very obvious (and it is) but really staying on top of weather and sales patterns can pay dividends in your online sales activity.

Now for the second part of the blog, or why you should invest in good sun cream.

Here’s another did you know fact: melanoma, which is the most serious form of skin cancer, is diagnosed in at least two people a day aged 18-34 in the UK and is twice as common in young women as men. Approximately six people die every day in the UK from melanoma. Globally, someone dies every hour from this type of cancer. It is the fastest growing cancer in the world. 

These are all very sobering facts but the good news is you can prevent it. When it’s sunny outside and you’re not shopping online, put on sun cream. Wear a hat. Wear long sleeves. Avoid a tan at all costs. If you do spot something suspicious on your skin then get it checked. Melanoma is very treatable if caught early but prevention and early detection are the keys to survival.

Equimedia is proudly sponsoring the Melanoma Foundation of New England in this year’s Boston Marathon, held on Monday, April 20. This charity does fantastic work in providing awareness, education and support in the fight against melanoma. 

*Obvious counter cases within the financial service sector are the bike insurance and holiday insurance markets which peak in the sunshine.