Tactical PPC: RSPB Giving Nature a Home


Tactical PPC: RSPB Giving Nature a Home ...

The world of search has a constantly shifting landscape and with this ever changing environment we, as a digital marketing agency, need to be quick to adapt and react to trends. Last week gave us the perfect opportunity to display how just agile we can be in terms of PPC.

The new John Lewis Christmas TV ad launched with an animated woodland wildlife story theme to it, which presented a great targeting opportunity for our client – The RSPB. We took this opportunity to target users looking for the John Lewis ad with a specific Giving Nature a Home RSPB message. The thought process being that users who enjoy the ad will have a fondness for nature and therefore be enticed to the RSPB website or interested in what they are doing.

We were well aware the results of this campaign would differ to our normal direct response campaigns which generate memberships or free guide downloads. This campaign would act as brand awareness whilst demonstrating the RSPB are agile and think tactically within the digital marketing arena.

The screenshot below shows our tactical PPC ad in action on a mobile device. We considered mobile visibility to be vital for this campaign because upon viewing the ad on TV many users will want to engage further through their mobile device (whilst continuing to watch TV). So in an effort to be more prominent on mobile SERPs we increased our mobile bids in anticipation that many users will be dual screening.

Example of RSPB tactical PPC ad on mobile device

We had the campaign live on the first weekend the John Lewis ad aired, meaning we struck whilst the iron was hot and captured a good portion of the initial hype of the advert. The screenshot below shows how we were positioned on a desktop and tablet SERP. 

Example of RSPB tactical PPC on desktop and tablet devices

As you can see we had very strong presence here – just below a John Lewis paid ad is just where we hoped to be. As previously mentioned we don’t expect this campaign to yield many direct responses initially but it may go a long way to assisting a lot of future conversions and it will certainly raise the pro/wp-content/uploads/file of the RSPB and spread the brand message that they are no longer just a charity for protection of birds but a charity for all wildlife in general!


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