Why is Attribution Important?

Attribution is a hot topic at the moment; agencies, advertisers and media owners all seem to be talking about it. Google and DoubleClick Search in particular are making this a focus of theirs and now offering workshops on attribution models and how to use them.

Travels in personalisation, relevancy and customer tribes

The ABTA Travel Convention took place this week in Abu Dhabi, and saw the great and the good of global tourism brands debate what’s new and what’s next for the industry. A running theme throughout the conference was increased personalisation; understanding customers in more detail to be able to respond more effectively to their needs and preferences.

EU Referendum - Age the deciding factor

With the votes counted and with ‘leave’ achieving a slender victory we can now reflect a little on our predictions.

Over the past few weeks all of our data sources have been favouring ‘Remain’, so why has our data been returning results outside a realistic margin of error?