GA Join Excel Add-In

Learning regular expressions can be one of the most difficult things new GA users encounter. We hope to alleviate some of that pain by sharing a useful excel macro we created to help people get to grips with the pipe character, anchors and escaping URLs.


Living in a world of 100% ‘not provided’

As many of you are aware, we are fast approaching a world of 100% ‘not provided’ organic traffic source data. Over recent weeks we’ve noticed not provided traffic increase at an alarming rate and we are now seeing an average figure of over 75% ‘not provided’ data.


Top 5 Digital marketing Trends for 2013 – Part Two

The “Semantic Web” (also known by some as Web 3.0) is all about making the internet more easily understood by machines, effectively taking the guess work out of understanding HTML web content and ushering in a new era of storing and retrieving information on the internet. Essentially it is the progression of the structure of what we know as the web; moving towards flexible and searchable databases of information, rather than the more static HTML web pages we are used to.