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Tasty Digital marketing for the smaller client

Written by Andrew | 23-May-2014 08:24:00

We seem to be very good at maximising our Clients ROI in media channels such as Google Pay Per Click and Display Media – something we see regularly when taking over a campaign previously run by another competitive agency. (Our recent article on maximising performance provides at least two Client examples of where ROI was improved by over 300% and 450% - but these are just two of many examples).

Our Clients tend to be large national and international brands that are likely to be recognised in households or company boardrooms. As you would expect, our Agency structure, built to service these relationships was not really suitable for meeting the needs of smaller organisations. Importantly, we will only ever offer a service if it is efficient for us and effective for our customers - a service that we would be proud to provide.

Put simply, our business model was not as suitable for businesses that did not require all the media agency infrastructure some larger Clients require.

So we got to thinking – what if we designed a service that was as good as the equimedia service provided to our national and international Clients but without all the larger agency infrastructure costs associated with managing a Client relationship? What if this service was provided in packages that enabled easy purchase and management so that our smaller Clients can access regionally targeted campaigns and have a clear understanding of what we are providing in return for running their digital media campaigns?

We thought that a service like this would be a tasty proposition to many of the millions of SME businesses aiming to keep their business in step with all the opportunities and challenges presented to them as the digital economy becomes a key source of business locally and nationally.

So tasty, that we decided to call this service Taste for Digital – a service that went live this week.

Please take some time to read what we will be providing as Taste for Digital.

We think it could be a great way to utilise the combined skill sets and experience of the equimedia team – but in an affordable way for businesses in start-up or developing mode.

But please do tell us what you think. We are always interested in genuine feedback.

Please feel free to contact Ben Thompson who would be very happy to meet and discuss your digital needs and or challenges. E-mail Taste for Digital or phone us on 01793 71544.