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The Benefits of Price Extensions

Written by Darren | 16-Nov-2016 15:08:05

In 2016 Google released a new BETA called Table Extensions, a product based PPC extension that only shows in position one on mobile devices instead of Sitelinks (initially they tested this on 20% of eligible auctions). Table extensions were quickly developed into a full product and re-branded to 
Price Extensions.

As you can see, the price extensions display products and prices within the SERP as part of the paid search ad. They are an ideal extension for companies wanting to showcase their products and services. We can see this becoming an extremely valuable extension for Retail and FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) advertisers. In particular, they offer lots of opportunities to cross and up-sell different products.

There are many different options for price extensions as well as available languages and currencies, plus there is also a ‘type’ selection like we see with structured snippets.

We also have the option of a price qualifier (‘from’ or ‘up to’), giving the advertiser the option to showcase the cheapest or most expensive prices. Finally, there is also a ‘unit’ option in terms of payment, which caters for different product types.

Each product within the price extension has its own landing page which allows users to access product pages directly - helping increase the conversion rate.

Price extensions are unique in the sense that they were the first mobile-only ad extension, which is a good insight to Google’s thinking. It is predicted that price extensions are going to drive inflated mobile CPC’s over time, due to when they show (mobile and position one only). They certainly increase the competitiveness of mobile auctions, especially in the generic market!

As you can see from this screenshot for 
The Donkey Sanctuary we have been using these extensions since they were under beta for selected advertisers. Obviously, the price extensions work better in some verticals than others, and the mobile performance of an advertiser’s site is going to play a big part in utilising these extensions.

This month, Google officially announced a change to the price extensions format as well as rolling it out for more languages and currencies. The format change sees them change from a list view to a swipeable card format and is certainly an interesting development.

You can see the new format in action in our video.

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We are very excited about this new format and we think it showcases our ads in a much better way compared to the list view. The only disadvantage from moving away from the list view is that it slightly reduces the ad real-estate and this leaves room for competitor ads to move up the mobile SERPs!