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The cat got the cream in Monopolys recent social media campaign

Written by Michael | 08-Feb-2013 16:21:00

Who knew that the internet loved cats?

Let’s face it though; we all assumed it was going to be the iron or the thimble facing the chop. The race car and dog were clearly the favourites, with the battleship coming in a close 3rd. The boot and top hat would have ranked 4th and 5th, but choosing between the thimble and iron was a decision that could shape your childhood. That’s how I remember it at least and I'm assuming this was the same in every household up and down the country. Mr Moneybags would also rank high on the list if you had the swanky 50th Edition like I did, that was a fantastic Christmas.

Remembering all of this it's hardly surprising that Monopoly have revealed that the iron has now been forced out and will be replaced by a cat, due to the consensus of their recent Twitter and Facebook poll. Hasbro, the company that produce the board game and childhood rite of passage, created a Facebook app for fans to vote on which piece should be axed (was there always a wheel barrow?) and which should take its place. For what it’s worth the robot had my vote. They also counted votes through Twitter and asked people to use the hashtag #tokenvote to share their views.

Throughout this crowdsourcing campaign Hasbro have been pushing the sales of the board game by reminding voters to buy a set before their favourite piece disappears. They will now most likely be asking feline friendly fans to buy their newest set as a welcome to their latest piece.

Although there aren’t any exact numbers we can gauge how successful it has been in other ways. This Facebook poll, from the 5th February, had over 3000 people voting.

Considering this post had no outcome on the actual campaign that had been promoted since the 9th January, it is easily assumed that this represents just a margin of their final success. We also know that Monopoly’s Facebook posts received over a 100,000 Likes throughout January and had over 313,000 people taking about their brand page. When you take into consideration how many people saw the #tokenvote on Twitter and all of the other PR & media coverage it is easy to assume that Monopoly’s social campaign landed on the digital version of Free Parking.

Here’s a breakdown of the final votes: