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The Great equimedia Bakeoff

Written by Helen | 02-Jan-2013 11:37:00

Inspired by the success of the Account Management ‘Cake Bake Off’ and the need to /wp-content/uploads/fill a gap in our rumbling stomachs on a Friday lunchtime the Account Management team moved onto something of a savoury nature. Despite an initial lack of inspiration the team came up trumps with a varied display of vegetarian and meat based delights, all very well received on those cold and rainy Fridays!

Gemma and Stacey set a strong early lead with their Gouda and Chorizo Puffs and Beef Empanadas which were deemed as a spot on combinations for a meat fan club such as ourselves;

Various combinations followed suit including Parma ham and cheese bread, Cheese and onion parcels and Chilli cheese muffins, all scoring well.

However the week of the 9th November saw a huge score achieved by Jo for her Sausage bread roll with cheese and spring onion, this combination proved tough to beat right up until the final week of the competition;

The variation on the savoury theme continued seeing some new and exciting tastes with Cristina’s inventive combination of Courgette and Ricotta cake, Helen’s Greek inspired Spinach and Feta triangles and Emily’s strong mix of Feta, Olives and Sundried Tomatoes muffins;

With three of the team still to cook we were treated to a mini buffet in the final week with Tiff’s Sticky Sausages, Jamie’s Gourmet Sausage Rolls and Chris’s Cheese muffins;

The competition went right to the line, Jo’s Sausage Bread had looked sure to clinch the title however Jamie’s amazingly tasty (considering he came last in the cake competition!) homemade Gourmet Sausage Rolls proved just to good to beat and at the last minute delivered the highest score of the competition to win the title.

The loser was also decided in the last week being awarded to Chris’s Cheese Muffins, something he was not too pleased about based on the very late night cooking the night before to produce these!

A big congratulations go to Jamie and ‘better luck next time’ go to Chris for the Account Management Savoury Bake off 2012;

By the time you're reading this Christmas will have passed and our belts will have no doubt been undone another notch, we’re therefore taking a well earned rest from cooking until our appetites regain again in the New Year!