The rise and rise of ecommerce films


The rise and rise of ecommerce films ...

Big budget adverts are on the increase as brands turn their attention to the digital sphere for maximum reach and impact on their audiences. World-renowned directors and actors are joining the ad revolution as brands ignore TV and go online, ensuring a far wider reach with potentially millions of views. The bar is being set higher and higher as creativity and higher production values come into play.

It also means budgets for TV slots can go towards the video.

Recent ads include ‘The Gentleman’s Wager’, a six-minute mini film directed by Jake Scott (son of Ridley), and starring Jude Law and Giancarlo Gianni. The ad was made for Diageo Reserve’s Johnnie Walker Blue Label in collaboration with fashion label Mr Porter with video links to the Mr Porter website where customers can buy the looks worn by Law and Gianni in the mini film.

The ad is definitely high-budget, with the opening scene of a boat on a tranquil blue sea in the sun somewhere around the British Virgin Islands. Two men are drinking, one wants the boat and so the wager is borne. Style certainly rules the day from the beautiful shots of the men on their boat to the superb choreography back in a dark London studio. And for once, everything seen can actually be bought by consumers, well, except the boat.

Iconic director, David Lynch, created one of the most eye-catching ecommerce films this year for Louboutin’s foray into nail polish. The ad is reminiscent of the big films he has made, and there are definitely tones of Twin Peaks in the short film. It feels more like a short film than an advert with the use of images and music to capture attention. Plus with David Lynch’s name attached to the advert, it means the film will receive plenty of attention.

Audi is capitalising on Breaking Bad stars, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, to create a mockumentary about TV star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, trying to sell her Emmy to raise money to buy an island. It plays on the viewers’ knowledge of the Breaking Bad characters along with the documentary style. The Audi car is shown as part of the short show – Julia drives it and is interviewed in front of it, but the car is a small part of the overall advert. The ad is memorable, the Audi looks amazing when we see it but the emphasis is on the great content people will engage with time and time again.

Collaboration of this sort creates great associations between brands, in this case each reinforcing the other as exceptional quality for men craving a certain lifestyle. Ads such as these are the perfect medium for brand partnerships, and are proving extremely popular with their customers; the Jean Claude Van Damme and Volvo collaboration received more than 74 million views so. These ads are made for online viewing only, meaning brands have much more freedom in what they create and how they go about it.

Ultimately this means brands they are also able to produce content that can be shared by ensuring they are audience-centric:

• What is my audience interested in online?

• What does my audience want to know?

• Why does my audience use these products?

• What is associated with our products?

By focusing on this as a central approach to developing content, it means the videos will always be of interest to their core audience. It’s not all about the big numbers but who’s watching what you make.

The Gentleman’s Wager


STARRING Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini

DIRECTED by Jake Scott

6mins 27secs

Hopefully we will see more of these mini films in the future; they really do get the cut through to audiences that is getting harder and harder to reach these days and are so very enjoyable! 


William Shatner and Thomson holidays

STARRING: Miles the one eyed bear

DIRECTED by Tom Tagholm (director of meet the superhumans)

1 min 35 secs

Music - Bohemian Rhapsody – interpreted by William Shatner

An enjoyable advert, with a warm ‘cute’ touch with the teddy bear and it creates a longing to be on a warm beach somewhere.


Barely Legal Pawn, feat. Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Audi

STARRING: Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Julia Louis-Dreyfus

DIRECTED: Paul Downs and Lucia Aniello/Paulilu

6min 19secs

A clever idea with a lot of stars relating to both the emmy awards and audi.


Old Navy

STARRING: Isabella Balbi

DIRECTED: Matt Dilmore

Read more:

4 mins 13 secs

Music: Benji Pasek and Justin Paul

A clever advert – which targets parents with its low pricing and which targets children with a scenario many of them can relate too.


Rouge Louboutin Film by David Lynch

50 secs

DIRECTED by David Lynch

Clever idea using the iconic red from the bottom of the louboutin shoe and showing this drift to the models nails and then into the nail polish bottle.


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