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Written by Wes | 17-Dec-2013 17:32:00

This Christmas we launched our very first Santa Games (#thesantagames), a spinoff version of the blockbuster movie The Hunger Games.

What is #thesantagames? 

#thesantagames is an online virtual spin off of the blockbuster /wp-content/uploads/film The Hunger Games; consisting of 6 tributes (6 Santas with Twitter accounts) battling it out between one another, taking part in 5 challenges during the space of a week. A number of rules were set before the games began, to encourage a certain level of behaviour. Each day the tributes had to take part in a challenge, which saw one of them leaving the competition after each challenge. 

Why #thesantagames?

We wanted to create something unique and entertaining for people mainly within equimedia to engage with, in order to encourage teams to become more active on Twitter. 

How did #thesantagames work? 

Each of the tributes was active on Twitter during the games, to keep everyone up-to-date with the adventures they faced during each challenge. The respectable judge and narrator for #thesantagames, Bad Boy Nik, announced the challenges and fallen tributes each day via Twitter.

We asked our social team and all staff active on Twitter to take part and help write the story of 6 Santa tributes competing for the title of 2013 Santa – all this in tweets under #thesantagames hashtag.

We did not focus on engagement of our external audiences, but we were happy to see that a few external Twitter accounts got involved too. 

Have you seen #thesantagames Storify? 

We have Storified the entire games for you to read. To find out who the winning face is below, take a look at it here

#thesantagames is sure to take place again next year, with new challenges, a new set of tributes and a new winner! Be sure to watch out and get involved with it next year.