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5 top tips to increase your Quality Score

Written by Jamie Prictor | 27-Apr-2017 14:09:00

If you’re looking at increasing the effectiveness of your paid search campaigns, then Quality score will be a metric you are familiar with. Quality score plays a vital part in determining the effectiveness of your campaign and forms the core element for improving efficiency.

Ad Rank is a hidden metric that is very important when it comes to paid search. It is a value that is used to determine your ad position or whether your ads will show at all.

Ad Rank is determined by multiplying your bid by your quality score and then taking into account the expected impact of ad extensions.


Quality score, Bids and Ad extensions all come together to help ensure that the users are seeing the most relevant ad to their search query. To us, the users, it works and is displayed on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best and 1 being the worst.

Quality Score is made up of key elements:

By following these Top Tips you can help increase your quality score, ultimately increasing Ad Rank and decreasing CPCs (cost per click)!

  1. Improve Click Through Rate (CTR)
  2. CTR is the ultimate measure of relevance, if people don’t click, you don’t have what they want and so generally, the higher the CTR the higher the quality score.Increasing your real estate in the SERPs can also make your ad stand out more and so You should also make use of all types of extensions, use title capitalisation and include call to actions in your ads! These should start you off improving CTR, but the key then is to test, test, test!

  3. Keyword Relevancy
  4. You must make sure the keyword is relevant to what people are searching. You can do this a few ways.

    • You must have keywords split into tightly themed, relevant Ad groups. This makes sure that the attached ad is the most relevant to the searched keyword
    • Running Search Term Reports (or Search Query Reports) - you must make sure you are continuously identifying negatives and excluding terms that you don’t want to show for. In the same way you should continuously look to discover new highly relevant keywords to add to the account.

    These basic account hygiene elements will help to grow the account whilst continuously improving the CTR.

  5. Ad Relevancy
  6. You should make sure the Ad copy is relevant to keyword people are searching. Make sure you are using relevant ad copy for different Ad groups. It’s always important to ensure your ads are keyword rich. You can then test Multiple Ad copy variations for each different Ad groups, by doing so you will be able to increase CTR by determining if any particular ad copy is holding performance back.

  7. Landing Page Quality
  8. This is an important one, as a bad landing page can harm quality score. Make sure the whole experience of the landing page is a good experience. A few questions to ask yourself: Is the landing page relevant? Does it load quickly? Does it have transparency? And is it easy to navigate? Is there a clear CTA? If you give the user a bad experience then Google will punish this with a lower QS so these factors are vital in improving landing page quality. Keyword, ad and landing page should all have good synergy.

  9. Historical Account Performance
  10. Finally, one to be aware of. Whether you pause, delete or restructure an account, the historical account performance will still impact your account history. So make sure you are on top of poor performing keywords and ads. As these could have a negative influence in the future. 

    If you would like to know more about how your PPC accounts are performing, or how they could improve, just drop an email to new.business@equimedia.co.uk