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Top 100 online brands cookie law response

Written by Andrew | 01-Jun-2012 12:38:00

We organised a cookie compliance survey of 108 of the UK's highest invested online display advertisers (Marketing /Nielson 2011), to find out who had updated their websites in accordance with the new EU Cookie law.

The statistics we collected provide a unique insight into how some of the UK's largest online brands have updated their websites to accommodate for the new directive. All of the companies surveyed use cookies for an array of purposes, from online display advertising through to shopping basket management, to session tracking.

Here are the initial statistics from our research:

Data correct at time of publication – many of the sites reviewed may have updated their websites since the research was carried out (30th & 31st May 2012)

We included websites from sectors including (but not limited to) Automotive, Entertainment, Finance & Insurance, Gambling, Media, Retail, Technology & Telecoms. Of note is the 36% of these 108 websites who have no cookie information whatsoever on their homepages (examples include eBay, Dell, Land Rover, Electronic Arts & Orange).

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