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Top 5 Tips for Creation of Video Content for Nonprofits #FundraisingCamp

Written by Sylwia | 24-Oct-2013 12:06:40

#FundraisingCamp hosted in Oxford in September 2013 gave us a great opportunity to connect with fundraisers interested in innovation working in our area. It also provided open space for exchange of experiences between non-profit providers. Our favourite session was hosted by BE Inspired on best video making and social sharing practices. I would like to share my top five in this post:

1. Story is everything so plan it well!

If you want your video content to play an important role in your campaign you need to create an engaging story. Map out or list your creative ideas and develop the final idea well in advance of the actual /wp-content/uploads/filming.
Plan your videos well, breaking the story down into small steps. You might want to use the traditional nonprofit video 3 act story line: (1) problem, (2) what did the charity do, (3) what was the change? You might want to move away from this model and suggest your own, but make sure the story is simple and engaging.

2. Be prepared!

Test your technology in advance of /wp-content/uploads/filming. Equip yourself with relevant, basic gadgets like good quality but inexpensive microphones. Check the place of /wp-content/uploads/filming for light (key light -sun, window, natural light- is very important) and quality of sound (background noise might be quite disturbing in the actual recording).
Test the final framing of your story remembering the golden rule of thirds.

3. Practice, practice, practice!

This point is quite obvious but it is worth repeating. Filming is a skill which requires a lot of experience. Practice /wp-content/uploads/filming and editing regularly.

4. Do not plan to create a viral, don’t be too creative!

I particularly like this point because I think often we tend to assume that our creative ideas are innovative and as a result we overcomplicate the story. You have to understand that online virals cannot be planned or predicted so it’s better if you focus on well-structured, consistent storytelling. Anyway, your aim is not to create a viral but to connect with your donors and engage donor's hearts.

5. Integrate your video within your campaign!

Even if your story is brilliant and you plan, /wp-content/uploads/film and edit your video, you will still need to ensure that it does have an impact. Integrate your video within your campaign wisely. Consider overall social and offline integration before you start /wp-content/uploads/filming, at the creative and planning stage. Some ideas and stories will work very well for raising awareness around your new campaign; others will play an important role in supporting your fundraising activities. Be smart in your usage of video content! Optimise your video, position it online and encourage online engagement around it.

Video content can be very powerful for nonprofit activities but it needs to be planned and executed well. If you are working really hard on making great impact as a nonprofit organisation you probably have a lot of great stories to tell. Ensure that your videos tell your stories in a powerful, engaging but also effective way. Even if you want to do something new ensure that your idea is executed well, just like this award winning video from One Kind charity.