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Innovative toys through the decades

Written by Kathryn | 03-Dec-2014 10:46:00

What would Christmas be without toys?

Toys have changed in shape, size and now in technology over the years. With 2014’s festive season upon us, we decided to look back and see just how much toys have changed over the years.

Our elves at equimedia have been digging through the deepest corners of the Internet to find some of the most popular and innovative toys given to children throughout the ages. What they uncovered is amazing, from the first talking doll, to the mind boggling Rubik’s Cube; these toys were not just influential but a cult hit.

Whatever your generation, you’re likely to find yourself feeling nostalgic, and as you progress through the timeline, you’ll be astounded at how far toys have developed. Technology has become a key focus in the design of most modern toys now.

If you don’t believe us, check out the more recent years. You’ll find creations such as a video camera featuring face-tracking technology, a doll not only programmed to speak but to answer your questions (however tricky) while the old-fashioned jigsaw puzzle has been given a reinvention thanks to augmented reality.

We hope you enjoy the journey, and don’t forget to leave your comments below.