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Twitter and an Internet Superstar - Susan Boyle

Written by Kathryn | 20-Apr-2009 18:54:05

Susan Boyle, star of the ITV show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ has quickly become one of the Internet’s hottest talking points in one of the most viral videos of all time – topping the Twitter top trends list for over a week and generating over 66 million views on YouTube in a single week, nearly 6 times the TV shows viewing figure of 11.8 Million.

Tweets from all over the globe raved about the unlikely star, including messages from Ashton Kutcher and Demi More. To view the latest tweets follow the link at the end of this post.

What this case emphasises, is that Twitter has the potential to fuel interest at a phenomenal speed. Its 140-character limit means that information can be typed, read and republished at speeds faster than ever before, by anyone and from anywhere. The question is how do brands harness the power of Twitter as a communications channel – the launch of Twitter Partners is interesting; with Virgin Media, Universal Pictures and the Gorillaz as the pioneering advertisers.

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