Twitter dominates the World Cup social media


Twitter dominates the World Cup social media ...

The World Cup kicks off this evening, and the ‘BIG’ question is - are you prepared to keep up with all the action as it happens on social media?

Twitter is all over the World Cup, with some really awesome features! At the moment, Twitter seems to be out in front of any other social media channels in terms of incorporating the World Cup. It’ll be interesting to see if any other social channels jump on the wagon.

You’ll notice when you login that there’s a little quiz to take part in, to establish where your allegiance lies. Once you complete this you’ll be taken to an area where Twitter will give you a host of relevant pro/wp-content/uploads/files to follow, dependent on your answers.

This is what the quiz looks like:

Twitter World Cup 2014 quiz

Now for the best part.

Twitter has created areas (similar to lists, but much more comprehensive) within the site where you can follow everything to do with the world cup and specific matches. You can find these areas by clicking on the ‘view match’ or ‘see all the #WorldCup action’ buttons within the score board (which is located on the home screen).

This will be the best place to keep up with all the action during the competition.

Twitter World Cup 2014 coverage

The match specific areas are really cool too. You can find tweets, pictures & videos and pro/wp-content/uploads/files to follow related to the teams etc. Why not try it out tonight during the Brazil game?

Twitter World Cup 2014 specific match coverage

We’re very excited for all the action to play out, and will of course be keeping our fingers crossed that England manage to pull out some amazing performances that see them through to the latter stages of the contest, and dare I say it… challenge to win the cup.

From a social media perspective the World Cup is going to be a huge moment to display to the world its capabilities and how powerful it really is.

#WorldCup #ComeOnEngland 


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