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Upgraded Sitelinks – Auto Migration

Written by Tom | 24-Sep-2013 16:06:00

Upgraded sitelinks have been available for some time now, packaged up within the migration over to enhanced campaigns. Google have started auto migrating to upgraded sitelinks this week & they are now supported through the new release of adwords editor. Have you upgraded your sitelinks already? If not are your sitelinks ready for auto migration?

The biggest change arguably is a reduction in the character length permitted, down from 35 to 25. Each sitelink must also be directed to a unique destination URL. Unique from other sitelinks and the intended landing page of the ad itself. If advertisers do not heed these changes this will result in disapprovals.

At first this doesn’t sound great, particularly if you have already tested sitelink variations and determined that longer link texts work better than short ones for your business. However there are a raft of benefits associated with migration over to upgraded sitelinks:

  1. Sitelinks can be applied at the campaign and adgroup level
  2. Sitelinks will be approved / disapproved individually
  3. You will be able to report on sitelinks individually
  4. You can add extra description lines to your sitelinks
  5. Sitelinks can be created for Mobile separately

What this means is that you can deliver more enticing, more relevant sitelinks to the right users and can also more easily establish which link texts and description lines are working best for you. Additional description lines can co trigger with other extensions such as the review extension, seller reviews, social extension and image extension. Here is a great example of this – the ad we created for our client Bovis Homes, in the wild.

I worked with equimedia to develop our PPC presence and I’m pleased with the result of the enhanced ad.” – Sarah Taylor, Bovis Homes