The UX Survey results are in!


The UX Survey results are in!

A roundup of our User Experience (UX) research survey results, the key findings and some tips to take away from them!

 Key UX Survey Stats

After analysing and sifting through we’ve managed to pull together some interesting stats:

  1.  64% of our respondents said they know UX/CRO.

It’s good to see the majority of you have an idea of what UX/CRO is, but 36% of respondents still don’t know and you’ve probably missed out on a lot of conversions because of a poor UX.

Don’t worry, you can still win back those users who slipped through the cracks, because they probably went to a competitors site.

Tip: Competitor User Testing Benchmarking - Competitor UX tests take you back to basics, understanding the experience from the customer’s view. As simple as this sounds, this can give you great insight as to the changes you need to make to your own site.

Another top tip is to implement measurement techniques to measure traffic and conversions, this is crucial to knowing whether your sites’ UX is a good one. But don’t just measure randomly, know what your KPIs are for each page so that you’re not wasting time and money.

2.   50% of respondents had no idea if or how often they should be conducting UX research.

So, half of you are on top of your UX game which is good to see, however the other half are trailing behind and allowing your conversions to slip with you!

 If you’re not analysing your data, you’re wasting time and resources. User needs are changing constantly and it’s crucial to keep up with this. Otherwise, you’ll suffer from the old ‘leaky bucket’ syndrome and find that your conversion numbers drop over time…

Tip: Introducing tracking software will allow to see where you are losing users and give you some insight as to why, from there you can tweak and test your site to keep up with your user’s needs.

 3.    Of those that are doing UX research, 42% said they rarely look at their data, and 57% said they find it hard to implement UX changes to their site…

Getting website changes made on certain platforms can be challenging, but continuous updates are vital to test, learn, and incrementally improve conversion. This is where you need to A/B test, or move to a more flexible platform, i.e. open source CMS.

For example, it’s no secret that more people are using their mobiles to access the internet, whether it be for researching, shopping, or accessing their Netflix account. That’s why it’s important to make sure your site is fully optimised for mobile to ensure maximum conversion rates and monitor your user’s mobile behaviour.

Tip: If you can’t make the changes yourself, seek expert help to make sure that your website is getting the updates it needs to keep performing! Trying to fix the problem on your own without the proper know-how could send your UX even further west…

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