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One of the most exciting aspects of working in PPC is having the opportunity to get creative with your campaigns and ad copy in particular. Here at equimedia we love to set up agile Paid search campaigns that capitalise on every opportunity. The current ‘Vote for Bob’ campaign, which asks the public to vote to support ‘Bob’ in his campaign to lobby MP’s to ensure protecting our countryside is on the political agenda as we approach the election next year, is a campaign which needs something extra to grab attention and galvanise support.

Vote For Bob has presented us with the opportunity to maximizing the value of the campaign by reacting quickly and capturing the imagination of the user through tailored copy. Naturally we set up a campaign well in advance of the launch with the key messaging of the campaign in the ad copy as you can see below.

Vote for Bob PPC ads

On 27/08/2014 Bob announced himself to the world on the advertising screens at Piccadilly Circus in London. We saw this as a fantastic opportunity to put together a separate campaign with some quirky ad copy.

Vote for Bob agile tailored PPC copy versus main campaign copy

This meant we were able to achieve exactly what we intended – people who were intrigued by the Bob advertisement and subsequently searched on their phones would be hit with our quirky Vote For Bob ads which relate directly to the visual advertisement they’d just seen!

Helen and Charlotte, 2 of our equimedia team joined the Bob crew in Piccadilly to drum up more interest and saw both the massive Piccadilly screen ad and our targeted PPC ad in action on their phones.

Vote for Bob Piccadilly big screen ads alongside targeted mobile PCP copy

Our clients frequently given us scope for creating quirky campaigns that work across channels. Check out our blog Tactical PPC: RSPB Giving Nature a Home for another example of our virtuosity in Paid search.


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