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We love the word cake

Written by Jo | 13-Aug-2012 09:17:00

Ah, that four letter word we all long to hear….that's right, CAKE!

The equimedia love affair with sweet treats has been a long one but usually we only get them on people's birthdays or brought back from holidays... That was until a few weeks ago.

Most of us have memories of being young and helping make cookies and cakes, /wp-content/uploads/filling the house with amazing smells. The best bit was of course licking the bowl afterwards. So, after watching a programme on TV about getting Britain baking again, Louise J posed the question to the Media team.

Unsurprisingly, it was met with unanimous support and so the Media Teams 'Cake Friday' was born!

As the name suggests the cake (although savoury bakes are allowed too!), is brought in every Friday and the only rule is that the items are handmade. Packet mixes are allowed - just so long as it was made by the person providing them.

Week 1 was Louise with some mini Victoria sponges, iced chocolate fairy cakes and some sample pieces of strawberry swiss roll.

Rachel (with a little help from Betty Crocker) then provided the team with a ridiculously chocolatey chocolate cake. It was the sort of cake you know is going to be bad for you as soon as you see it but one you know you can't afford miss out on.

The following week became a bit of a bake off with efforts from Amisha and our first male entrant, Chris M. Amisha had to call on her mum for a mixing bowl before she could get started and then again later to raid her vast collection of Tupperware so that her chocolate crispy cakes with sprinkles safely made it into the office. Chris competed with another packet mix effort - some yummy white choc chip cookies - rated 9 ½ out of 10 by Laura!

Then came along Louise J again and after all the recent sweet bakes she opted for a welcome mix of savoury and sweet with some parmesan & herb cheese straws, raspberry cream puffs and a full sized strawberry swiss roll.

New team member Catherine then brought in some shortbread.

However the team have also been getting creative at home too...


Whilst their 'Cake Friday' is just for the pleasure of baking (and of course an excuse to eat cake), the Account Management Team, after seeing the Media Team's efforts, have started something similar but with a much more emphasis on the 'bake off' element...

The 'bake-off Friday' for Account Management was really triggered having watched the Media team enjoy the art of devouring cake every Friday for a several weeks. The envy grew until we gave in and shamelessly copied the Media team's genius idea.

With the Account Management team being a competitive lot, we decided to introduce a scoring element to the bake-off; marks out of 10 for appearance and marks out of 10 for taste. The scores are currently top secret and won't be revealed until the last cake has been scored, however it has been revealed that it's very close indeed.

Over the last few weeks, as a team we've sampled 10 cakes so far, ranging from Chocolate fudge cake to Guinness cake and from Tiramisu muffins to Lemon Drizzle and cheese cake. An arduous task, I'm sure you'll agree!

The stakes were raised pretty high fairly early on in the Bake-off competition, when Cristina brought in a rich chocolate cake with chocolate finger edging which was finished off with Strawberries and Raspberries (just to keep it calorie free, or at least that's what we told ourselves);

This was followed by Chris Greer's orange chocolate cake, adorned with chocolate swirls, pieces of Chocolate orange and chocolate sprinkles (definitely not decorated by his wife…….really?) Anyhow it looked and tasted fantastic;

After a few 'cake Fridays', the area where the cake is prepared for slicing became very popular with the 'cake seagulls' of the office on a Friday. These members of other (non-cake baking) teams, like to 'subtly' hover around the cake zone, as the cake is being sliced up. However, they are often lucky to get a crumb!

To take a break from the Chocolate overload Stacey then conjured up a lemon drizzle, /wp-content/uploads/filled with poppy seeds and lemon Zest, very refreshing and tangy.

There are now just 2 members of the team left to enter their cake into the bake-off….however following 12 Fridays of cake eating on the trot, the concept of a Friday without cake is starting to bring members of the Account Management team out in a cold sweat. Being the problem solvers that we are, we've thought long and hard and come up with the idea of a running a Pizza-off for the following 12 weeks!

Written by Jo Brooks, Rachel Leonard and Louise Joachim