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What makes good SEO copy?

Written by Natalie | 18-Sep-2009 11:05:00

Websites need an ongoing supply of good quality content in order to keep the site fresh and interesting for users as well as to gain the best natural search rankings not only for basic textual results, but enhanced blended search results which feature many other digital assets.  But how should you approach creation of good content?

Planning and strategy are key to generating good SEO content, whether it be copy or other digital marketing assets.

Carefully consider your users needs:

What subject do you want to be authoritative and an expert on?

What will users want to find on this site?

Will the copy inspire visitors to share this content with a wider audience?  

Carry out keyword research:

What words do visitors use when searching for your products/services?  It may be different to the words you use within the business.

Which keywords currently drive traffic to your site? Analyse both paid and organic search visits to get a broad range of keywords.

Where are the gaps in the current strategy and how can these be filled?

Once you have planned the content based on your keyword research and users requirements you can begin to produce the copy but this must take into account keyword prominence, density and relativity of keywords from the very start.

Your copywriters should understand the basic principles of writing for the web incorporating the users experience and SEO requirements to produce copy which is both engaging for users yet matches your strategy.

Next you need to back up your copy with other digital assets for example relevant images, video, podcasts/audio formats, tools/gadgets and pdfs. Build up a library of your digital marketing assets and put them to use.

When all content is carefully crafted together with the copy, you can begin your on-page optimisation which will tie everything in together to make a page which is able to be thoroughly optimised for SEO according to your keyword strategy and which visitors will find appealing whilst search engines will find it extremely relevant to the particular search requests you want to target.

Now get out there and put it into practise.