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Why we're tracking & predicting the referendum

Written by Andrew | 23-Jun-2016 11:04:34

So the day has finally arrived and today non postal votes will be cast to determine the UK’s desire to remain in or leave the EU.

But why is equimedia, a media and marketing agency, tracking and predicting a result to a referendum?

We are simply taking the opportunity to test the data sources we have created for tracking Client brands and or consumer or business attitudes with the added benefit of having a guaranteed hard outcome (with numbers). The opportunity will allow us to test degrees of accuracy in predictive modelling by honing our skills in utilising the technology and data from sentiment, which can distort insights. This is very different to the detailed campaign results forecasting grounded in statistical models we create for Clients in paid and earned media channels such as Pay per click, Display ads, and Search Engine Optimisation.

Our forecast might not match the final outcome but that is all part of the learning and we are happy to share whatever insights we gain with a wider audience.

We will just improve our accuracy.

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