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Why maths matters

Written by Sian | 14-Oct-2015 09:43:00

At school maths came naturally to me and it was a lesson I always looked forward to - I know this instantly puts me into a very small minority of students! I was able to see the practical uses for everything I was learning, even if they weren't instantly apparent. It was therefore an instinctive decision for me to continue studying numbers and their applications into university.

It’s World Maths Day today and mathletes in schools around the world will be testing their mental arithmetic skills. There has never been a more essential skill needed to be learnt from an early age, especially as the digital world evolves and we see ever-increasing numbers of job roles involving data science and analysis.

Along with complex analysis and lengthy theorems, studying the mathematical landscape for three years allowed me to develop a number of useful skills. By far the most important is the concept of logical reasoning. Being able to look at facts and make informed decisions is a valuable asset that can be applied in many different environments, especially digital advertising.

The advertising industry is constantly changing and a large shift in recent years is the building reliance on data. By analysing data, constructing hypotheses and developing tests to challenge these hypotheses we can make informed decisions and improve results for our clients.

Every team at equimedia uses maths, even if they don't know it!

From calculating click through rates for paid search campaigns to forecasting a year of digital display activity across multiple media owners, maths is at the heart of what we do.

Working with numbers develops a strong understanding of detail, something that is extremely important in my role within the Kaizen trading desk team. Along with looking at an overview of results and considering weekly and monthly trends, we are able to dive into the data and uncover insights that can be used to improve campaign performance.

Harnessing information stored in customer and campaign data allows us to maximise the potential of clients' digital marketing.

There's no doubt that when working with big data the sheer quantity of opportunities can be a little overwhelming! It's very similar to being presented with a large (and scary) maths problem. Having the ability to break things down into the constituent components, use the experience and knowledge you already have to recognise patterns, is key to moving forward successfully.

At equimedia we do exactly that. The wealth of knowledge and experience within our teams allow us to fully exploit the opportunities data analysis reveals in all of our marketing planning and buying.

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