Why Twitters Launch of its Self-Service Ad Platform is Good for Marketers


Why Twitters Launch of its Self-Service Ad Platform is Good for Marketers ...

Today, Twitter has announced the beginning of its self service ad platform in partnership with amex (Sign Up Form) which lines itself up against Facebook and Google’s Adwords self service platforms. Currently this applies to US only with no announcement on when this will roll out to UK marketers. This is positive news for marketers as the self-service offering will greatly expand the number of businesses who can take advantage of advertising on the platform – both large and small. 

Twitter Advertising is a much different opportunity than Facebook.

Twitter is actively used for discussing topics (Business, Ideas & News) with a broader audience – advertising against hash tags, tweets and trends can allow for businesses to engage with emerging trends, using promoted tweets to influence opinion, exactly when that topic is being discussed. With a self-service platform, markets can now do this at the same speed as the conversation.

At Equi=Media, we’ve developed the Kaizen Platform - our agency trading desk, to work with all bid-based trading technologies (Including Facebook, Ad Exchanges and Self-Service Ad Networks). Through continuous optimisation we enable marketers to deliver performance against their objectives. Though not available currently we’ll continue to monitor Twitter’s Ad Platform for roll out into the UK & Europe.   


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